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Investment funds pool small sums of money – the savings of investors – for the purpose of obtaining the benefits of large investments. In many ways, they are similar to a team who wishes to achieve better results.

The money is managed by an expert called the Fund Manager, who is the employee of an asset management company (Societatea de Administrare a Investiţiilor - S.A.I.).

All the funds managed by Erste Asset Management Romania are open-end investment funds, i.e. fund where investments are made on an ongoing basis. Investors may place their savings and withdraw them at any time. Investment funds are very much like parking places where you leave your car and take it back whenever you wish.

Investment funds are subject to disclosure requirements, and are strictly regulated in Romania. You are able to benefit from diversified investments, you have access to capital and trading opportunities on a daily basis. Moreover, investment funds are not incorporated entities.

If you’re convinced and you want to become an investor, find out more about the types of investment funds we can offer you!

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