Equity funds

Mitigated risks

Mitigated risks

Equity funds offer long-term investments for investors who do not have sufficient resources or experience to invest directly on the stock exchange.

It is important to know that performance is notable in the long run, and risks are higher due to exposure to equity price volatility. Nevertheless, returns may offset such risks.


The open-end investment fund ERSTE EQUITY ROMANIA is an equity fund designed for those who would like to invest in the Stock Exchange, but they do not have enough capital to build a portfolio of dozens of shares, and neither the time nor the experience to evaluate and track the evolution of each . Most assets of the ERSTE EQUITY ROMANIA fund, around 85%, are invested in equities. In addition, it aims to maintain an exposure of at least 70% in local currency. It is important to know that for this fund, the real evolution of the market is seen in the long run.

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This is an advertising material. Previous performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future results! Please read the prospectus and the key investor document (KIID) before investing in fund! The Prospectus and the key investor document (KID) are available in Romanian and English language on www.erste-am.ro and may be obtained from the agencies/units pertaining to the Romanian Commercial Bank and from the premises of SAI Erste Asset Management S.A.