Capital Plan

Invest in your future

What is Capital Plan?

Capital Plan is an investment plan where monthly investments can be made via automatic debit from your current account.
Capital Plan helps you gradually build your financial security and independence, one step at a time. Investments are placed with Erste AM funds and managed by experts, following in-depth research.


How does it work?


Step 1

You may activate your Capital Plan in any BCR branch, by signing an agreement for regular subscriptions in investment funds

Step 2

You choose one or more funds for your regular investments

Step 3

You set the amount of your monthly investment, which cannot be less than 100 RON (20 EUR)

Step 4

You set the automatic debit payment date


  • Reduced costs
  • Constant, organised investments
  • Easy diversifiable investment portfolio
  • Monthly investments, no need to research the market to identify investment opportunities
  • Features such as account, monthly investment, automatic debit payment date, and agreement termination date can be changed at any time, with no additional costs
  • The small amounts invested monthly will benefit from the principle of the compound effect (monthly amounts accumulated over time, which will include the fund’s performance). 


→ You may activate your Capital Plan for each individual fund if you:
    • have an active investment services agreement executed on your behalf;
    • sign an Investment Application for each relevant fund in advance;
→ Capital Plan includes the entire range of open-end investment funds managed by Erste AM and distributed by BCR
→ You need to maintain an investment services agreement and an active current account denominated in the currency of the relevant investment fund, throughout the entire term of your Capital Plan or until such time as material changes occur
→ You may activate, change, and cancel your Capital Plan free-of-charge, while monthly subscriptions are entered automatically, in the order in which they are made.
→ Current fund performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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This is an advertising material. Previous performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future results! Please read the prospectus and the key investor document (KIID) before investing in fund! The Prospectus and the key investor document (KID) are available in Romanian and English language on and may be obtained from the agencies/units pertaining to the Romanian Commercial Bank and from the premises of SAI Erste Asset Management S.A.