Income tax allowance

Invest your profits and benefit twice.

Use your tax allowance to save taxes

Entrepreneur and self-employed people can shelter parts of their profits from tax by investing in selected securities or assets

Which funds are eligible for tax allowances?

The funds listed below qualify for the tax allowance pursuant to sect. 14 of the Austrian Income Tax Act (EStG). These funds comply with the statutory requirements for tax-deductible investments. After the mandated holding period of four years, you can sell them at your own discretion without subjecting yourself to subsequent taxation.

In addition to the funds below, ERSTE IMMOBILIENFONDS* and ERSTE RESPONSIBLE IMMOBILIENFONDS also qualify for this kind of allowance.

* The ERSTE IMMOBILIENFONDS is currently not available for investing.

Income tax allowance funds

Important information:

Please find further information and documents on the respective funds by clicking the fund name in the above overview.

The individual selection and the weighting depend on your investment goals and your willingness to take on risk.

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