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What is a responsible fund?

Numerous international studies confirm that responsibility and yield do not contradict each other. The sustainable funds of Erste Asset Management invest in companies that comply with strict criteria in terms of environmental policies, corporate governance, and general social responsibility. Our RESPONSIBLE funds are managed according to a clearly structured investment approach and benefit from sustainable trends such as renewable forms of energy.

ESG Company Snapshots

Please find selected ESG Company Snapshots for all our responsible equity and bond funds:

Our current investment tip


ERSTE RESPONSIBLE STOCK DIVIDEND focuses on companies with above-average dividend yields. The distributed dividend per share is considered in relation to the share price - example: with a dividend of EUR 5 and a share price of EUR 100, the dividend yield is 5%. The dividends thus collected are passed on annually to the fund's investors in the form of a distribution. 

Please see the risk notes at the end of this page.

Exclusion Criteria for the Responsible Funds

Please note the warnings at the bottom of the page.

Responsible funds

Important information:

Please find further information and documents on the respective funds by clicking the fund name in the above overview.



Our responsibility magazine ERSTE RESPONSIBLE RETURN - The ESGenius Letter discusses topics that are both controversial and up-to-date and informs about our responsible funds.


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