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The site is the property of S.A.I. Erste Asset Management S.A., member of Erste Group. The website uses cookies. In the information presented on this page, you will find details regarding what cookies represent, for what purpose they are used and what are the implications for the user / visitor as a result of accepting cookies of the site If from the information presented below, there is a need to obtain additional information, you can contact us at the telephone number 0372.269.999 or at the e-mail address You can also contact the EAM Data Protection Officer at the e-mail address

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, usually made up of text and numbers, which are saved when you access a site in the browser used by your computer, phone, tablet or any other device through which the site is accessed online. Each time you visit the site, the browser sends this file to the website server, allowing you to identify a visitor who has returned to the site.

What types of cookies are used on this site?

The cookies used on this site are both our own cookies and cookies from third parties and allow us to understand the needs and requirements of users of the site, in order to improve the experience they have in using the site, in obtaining as easily as possible the desired information and the use in the best conditions of the services offered by the site

A)   Cookies that are essential for the use of our online services

What is it about? This data processing is essential to enable you to use our online services, such as the website. This involves, for example, your preferred language setting. Or information required for billing partner services.

Can you prevent this data processing? No. Without this data processing you cannot use our online services.

B)   Marketing & Analysis

What is it about? If you agree, we will also process your data to display advertising content that may be of interest to you.


For this purpose, we also process - with your consent - your surfing behavior on other websites, not only those of Erste Asset Management. For this "re-targeting" we set cookies with unique identifiers when you visit our website. We pass these identifiers on to advertising networks, web services, data management platforms, media agencies and publishers. Your IP address is also processed. This enables us to offer you customized advertising, offers and services. A reference to your offline identity (customer attribute, name etc.) is not possible during re-targeting.

Can you prevent this data processing? Yes, because this data processing is only permitted with your prior consent. If you wish to revoke your consent, please change your privacy settings.

Services used by us

We use various service providers to carry out the data processing described above. Here you will find brief descriptions of these services and the respective processing purposes:

In order to analyze the traffic and performance of the site, we use analysis tools provided by Adobe Analytics, Google - Analytics, WebMaster Tools - tools that store information about the pages accessed, the duration of the site visit, the module / device site access, location - at locality level, etc. More information on how Google stores and uses this information can be found here.

CommandersAct (essential)

We use the CommandersAct Consent Management Platform to obtain, manage and document cookie consent. This platform is operated by "Fjord Technologies" in France.

Adobe Analytics (statistics)

Adobe Analytics uses cookies to differentiate requests from different browsers and to store helpful information that an application can use later. They may also be used to associate browsing information to customer records.

In particular, Analytics uses cookies to anonymously define new visitors, help analyze clickstream data, and track historical activity on the website, such as response to particular campaigns or the length of the sales cycle.

Google Inc., the owner of the tools used to analyze the traffic and performance of the site is an ISO 27001 certified company in Information Management and Security -

We do not transmit the data collected through cookies outside the EU.

Using the internet browser

Browsers used to access the Internet have integrated facilities for setting the level of information security, including the possibility of accepting cookies. In order to use the facilities for setting the level of acceptance of cookies, in most cases it is necessary to access the "Options" section of the browser and the "Settings" category. Disabling the option to accept cookies may have the implication of not being able to access some of the most important sites. Therefore, it is important that you only accept cookies from sites that you trust. You can delete cookies at any time using the "Privacy" option in the Settings category.

Options to prevent monitoring the user's online activity are implemented today in various forms; one of the most common is the "Do Not Track" mechanism used by most internet browsers and search engines. The purpose of the Do Not Track mechanism is to "give the user the opportunity to express their personal choices regarding the monitoring of online activities and to communicate these options to each server or web application they interact with, thus allowing each service accessed or -adjust the practices according to the user's options, or reach a separate agreement with the user, which is convenient to both parties. It should be noted that not all "Do Not Track" features block cookies.

The of the users and visitors of the site

The users / visitors of the site benefit from all the rights provided by the legislation regarding the protection of personal data, respectively:

  • the right of access to personal data,
  • the right of opposition,
  • the right not to be subject to an automated individual decision,
  • the right to rectification of data,
  • the right to have its data deleted,
  • the right to restrict processing,
  • the right to data portability and
  • the right to address a complaint to the justice court and / or the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

Cookies are not viruses

Cookies are only small text files, are not compiled in code form and cannot be executed. Thus, they cannot auto-copy, spread to other networks to generate actions, and cannot be used to spread viruses.

Although cookies are stored in the memory of the internet user's computer / device, they cannot access / read other information contained in that computer / device.

Cookies cannot search for information on the user's computer / device, but they do store personal information. This information is not generated by cookies, but by the user, when he fills in online forms, registers on certain websites, uses electronic payment systems, etc.

The use of cookies and the obligations of suppliers are regulated in both European Union and national legislation.

Among the documents governing the use of cookies at European level can be consulted Directive 2002/58 / EC (PDF) and Directive 2009/136 / EC (PDF). At the same time, in the national legislation, the use of cookies is regulated by Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, with subsequent amendments and completions.

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