imageEquity Funds

In an equity fund the assets are mainly invested in individual stocks or equity-related securities. Listed stocks represent the value of equity perceived by the investors. The shareholder directly participated in the company, benefitting from (possible) dividend payments. 


The benefits of equity funds:

  • Access to selected countries/regions or sectors
  • Management of risk through diversification
  • Equities actively picked out by experts. The structure of the portfolio is constantly monitored and adapted to the circumstances on the market
  • In the event of dividend payments the money is reinvested "automatically"


Risks to be considered:

  • The fund invests in the capital market, and equities are subject to substantial price fluctuations
  • In addition to the fundamental data on companies (such as profits), stock markets are influenced by a number of external factors such as political decisions and the interest rate markets
  • In the case of international equities, exchange rate fluctuations relative to the euro can lead to further fluctuations in the fund price
  • Capital loss is possible


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