ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE RON (former BCR Obligatiuni)

ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE RON Open-End Investment Fund is a bond fund.

Strategic asset allocation in terms of asset classes: 80% bonds or shares of UCITS and/or other CIUs investing mainly in bonds and 20% other assets. Strategic allocation terms of issuer geographic location: 80% securities issued/offered by entities incorporated in Romania or having Romania as their main trading market, for the purposes of ensuring investor exposure to the local market. The Fund may not invest in equities, and may have at least 70% of its assets denominated in euro or with currency hedging in euro.


The BCR Monetar fund (absorbed fund) was merged with ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE RON (absorbing fund) on June 29th, 2012. Following the merger, one BCR Monetar unit fund became 0.98568153 ERSTE Bond Flexible RON shares.

Recommended investment term

The Fund recommends that investments shall be made for a term ranging between 1 and 3 years.

Subscription fee:

  • 0.2%;
  • Negotiable, only if the investment is maintained more than 365 days.

Redemption fee: 0%

ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE RON is authorized by CNVM Decision no. 1872/09.10.2007, registered with the FSA Public Register under no. CSC06FDIR/400039.

Shares can be subscribed/ redeemed at SAI Erste Asset Management and at BCR branches.