ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE ROMANIA EUR Open-End Investment Fund is a bond fund.

Strategic asset allocation in terms of asset classes: 80% bonds or shares of UCITS and/or other CIUs investing mainly in bonds and 20% other assets.

The Fund may not invest in equities, and may have at least 70% of its assets denominated in euro or with currency hedging in euro.


Recommended investment term

The Fund recommends investments for a term ranging between 1 to 3 years.

Subscription fee:

  • 0,1%
  • Negotiable, provided that investment are kept for no less than 365 days from the issuance of fund units.

Redemption fee: 0%

ERSTE BOND FLEXIBLE ROMANIA EUR is authorised by CNVM Decision no. 371 / 25.04.2013 and is registered under no. CSC06FDIR / 400081 with the Authority’s Public Register.

Fund units may be purchased/redeemed at the venues of SAI Erste Asset Management and BCR branches.