Fund Prices


FundIssue PriceUnit Fund ValueNet Asset ValueNumber of InvestorsPerform.
Last 365 days
RON denominated funds
ERSTE Money Market RON (former ERSTE Monetar)11,367311,3673112.762.729,835750,43%
ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (former BCR Obligatiuni)20,418620,37785.519.127.362,8295.5091,60%
ERSTE Balanced RON (former BCR Dinamic)36,889836,5246227.910.854,393.18611,43%
ERSTE Equity Romania (former BCR Expert)122,9754120,5641130.994.051,171.75020,25%
YOU INVEST Solid RON 10.883,328510.775,572826.474.289,382892,68%
YOU INVEST Balanced RON 10.983,903010.875,151531.037.791,101424,06%
YOU INVEST Active RON 15.427,742915.274,993031.928.248,521176,50%
EUR denominated funds
ERSTE Bond Flexible Romania EUR11,870111,8582275.409.090,018.7083,15%
YOU INVEST Solid EUR2.677,22662.650,719426.786.234,821812,50%
YOU INVEST Balanced EUR 2.740,15712.713,026816.789.104,871583,79%
YOU INVEST Active EUR 2.756,78252.729,48766.498.227,61945,17%



*The BCR Monetar fund was merged with ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (formerly BCR Obligatiuni) on June 29th, 2012. Following the merger, one BCR Monetar unit fund is equivalent to 0,98568153 ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (formerly BCR Obligatiuni) units. The last prices published and calculated for BCR Monetar are as of June 28th, 2012

FundLaunch DateIssue Price (RON)
Unit Fund
Value (RON)
Net Asset Value (RON)
Number of Investors
Performance Last 365 days
Performance Since inception
BCR Monetar*09.10.200715,606015,60601.665.373.990,9662.1926,60 %56,06 %


For a complete list of ESPA funds distributed in Romania and daily prices please visit the following page

Fund/Tranche name ISIN Currency NAV Issue price Data as of
Alpha Diversified 3 Fund AT0000A0SFR5 VT. EUR 111,84 117,44 15.12.2017
ERSTE BOND CORPORATE PLUS AT0000A1PKN8 VT. EUR 108,85 112,66 15.12.2017
ERSTE BOND DANUBIA EUR R01 AT0000673199 VT. EUR 175,07 181,20 15.12.2017
ERSTE BOND EMERGING MARKETS EUR R01 AT0000673306 VT. EUR 205,51 212,71 15.12.2017
ESPA BEST OF AMERICA AT0000A0QQJ3 VT. EUR 174,39 181,37 15.12.2017
ESPA BEST OF EUROPE AT0000A0QQK1 VT. EUR 172,94 179,86 15.12.2017
ESPA BOND EURO RENT EUR R01 AT0000673272 VT. EUR 170,61 174,88 15.12.2017
ESPA BOND EUROPE-HIGH YIELD EUR R01 AT0000673280 VT. EUR 192,85 199,60 15.12.2017
ESPA BOND INFLATION LINKED EUR R01 AT0000A1ACM9 VT. EUR 125,51 129,91 15.12.2017

Previous performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future results! Please read the prospectus and the key investor document (KID) provided in art. 98 of G.E.O. no. 32/2012 before investing in fund! The Prospectus and the key investor document (KID) are available in Romanian and English language on and may be obtained from the agencies/units pertaining to the Romanian Commercial Bank and from the premises of SAI Erste Asset Management S.A.

Open end fund ERSTE Money Market RON (former ERSTE Monetar), NSC Decision 596/04.07.2012, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400079; Open end fund ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (former BCR Obligatiuni), NSC Decision 1872/2007 FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400039; Open end fund ERSTE Bond Flexible Romania EUR, NSC Decision 371 / 25.04.2013, FSA Register CSC06FDIR / 400081; Open end fund ERSTE Balanced RON (former BCR Dinamic), NSC Decision 3117/2004, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400002; Open end fund ERSTE Equity Romania (former BCR Expert), NSC Decision 3215/2005, FSA Register nr. CSC06FDIR/400024; Open end fund YOU INVEST Solid RON, FSA Authorisation no. A/21/2014, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400087; Open end fund YOU INVEST Balanced RON, FSA Authorisation no. A/23/2014, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400089; Open end fund YOU INVEST Active RON, NSC Decision no. 1870/2007, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400042; Open end fund YOU INVEST Solid EUR, FSA Authorisation no. A/22/2014, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/400088; Open end fund YOU INVEST Balanced EUR, NSC Decision no. 370/ 2013, FSA Register no.CSC06FDIR/400082; Open end fund YOU INVEST Active EUR, NSC Decision no. 369/2013, FSA Register no. CSC06FDIR/ 400083.

SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA, authorized by NSC with the Decision no 98/21.01.2009, registered with FSA Public Registry with number PJR05SAIR/400028, Number General Registry ANSPDCP: 0017716, Phone: 0372.269.999; Fax: 0372.870.995;; email: 

Depository: BCR SA


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