imageRisk Management

For EAM, risk management forms an integral part of our daily operations. Managing risk is primarily directed to the capital market, market risk (volatility), credit risks and liquidity risks. In addition, we also control operational risks, which are influenced by internal factors such as staff, structures, systems and external events.



Fund Risk Management 

A risk profile is developed for each fund and each security within that fund is checked for risks on a daily basis. The daily risk-check is performed by state-of-the-art software only, the results of which are then monitored and interpreted by a team of ten experts with an average of eleven years of experience.


Regular Reporting

In the case that specified limits are exceeded, management and all departments concerned will be informed immediately. The measures required to mitigate possible negative consequences are set within 24 hours.


Control System under Control

The risk management system itself is subject to regular monitoring: Its functioning and reliability are checked by internal and external mechanisms. Internal control is carried out by the Revision, while external control is carried out by auditors and financial market supervision. Our audit is conducted by Ernst & Young.