Erste Asset Management has a strong tradition of sustainable investing. We granted priority to ethical issues early on and to ensure that sustainability remained strongly anchored within EAM we recently appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).


Pioneer and Market Leader

As Erste Asset Management’s largest and oldest subsidiary company, ERSTE-SPARINVEST takes a pioneering role in the field of ethics and sustainability: Since 2001, the company has focused on “responsible” products – which are being offered under the name of “VINIS”. Today, ERSTE-SPARINVEST has invested in the widest range of ethical and sustainable investment funds in Austria, with a volume of approx. 4,52 billion Euros (30.06.2017).

Excellent Responsibility

The ethically sustainable funds of Erste Asset Management are continuously monitored and tested externally. They carry, among others, the Austrian Ecolabel, the European Transparency Logo for sustainable Mutual Funds (EUROSIF) and were given the prestigious TRIGOS Award, an Austrian award for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Seal of Approval

Erste Asset Management’s ethically sustainable fund is continuously observed and tested by various organisations and institutions.


The Austrian Ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel is a guarantee for environmentally friendly products and services. It stands for higher living standards and environmental quality, clear and transparent information and high explanatory power, environmental policy in ownership of companies and organizations and high-level cooperation with optimal service. Since 2006, the sustainability funds of ERSTE-SPARINVEST are entitled to wear the Austrian Ecolabel.


European Transparency Logo for Sustainable Investment Funds (EUROSIF)

The “European Transparency Logo for Sustainable Investment Funds” was awarded by the European umbrella organization for sustainable Mutual Funds. The carriers of this sign, to which ERSTE-SPARINVEST also belongs, are committed to transparency within European guidelines for sustainability funds. They are obliged to provide sufficient and specific information with regard to investment criteria and research procedures.