SAI Erste Asset Management SA

Dragos Neacsu
President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dragos Neacsu is the CEO of ERSTE Asset Management. He is responsible for the strategic leadership, establishing organizational objectives and priorities, and for reviewing and evaluating the progress and work for attainment of objectives and performance goals.

Valentina Berevoianu
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Valentina Berevoianu coordinates and supervises the finance and back office activities. As  CFO she reports directly to the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and assists him in all strategic and tactical matters related to budget management, cost benefit analysis and forecasting needs.

A.J.A. Janmaat

Member of Management Board

A.J.A. Janmaat reports and coordinates the company projects according to the group strategy.

Erste Asset Management Holding

Heinz Bednar
Chairman of the Board

Heinz Bednar is CEO of Erste Asset Management and has been in charge of asset management for Erste Group for more than ten years. He is currently responsible for investment, finance, fund research, communications and public relations, human resources, personnel, law and all activities in Central and Eastern Europe. He has also been President of the Association of Austrian Investment Companies (VÖIG) since 2007.

Winfried Buchbauer
Member of the Board

Winfried Buchbauer is responsible for Back Office and for Risk Management of Erste Asset Management. Previously he was Division Head for the Corporate Services Division of Erste Asset Management and Head of the Legal department of ERSTE-SPARINVEST. He is an experienced lawyer and has been working for Erste Asset Management since 2005.

Christian Schön
Member of the Board

A board member of EAM since 2009, Christian Schön is responsible for institutional sales in Austria, Eastern Europe as well as international markets. He is also responsible for the IT sector. Christian Schön is a Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM) and participated in the Executive Education Programme at the Insead Business School Fontainebleu / Singapore in 2004.