Erste Asset Management has offices in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

 SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA Romania

ERSTE Asset Management Romania holds the market leader position in UCITS with a market share of 41,5% (according to AAF Statistics, as of Decembrie 2014), considering also the foreign funds locally distributed. 

The asset management company was founded in Bucharest, Romania, in 2008 and is member of the ERSTE Asset Management Holding. SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA Romania is an active contributor in Romanian asset management market development that sustains and promotes asset management international standards, for the benefit of the investors.

The company professionally and successfully manages money market, bond, balanced, equity open ended funds and fund of funds. SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA is also the manager of individual investment portfolios on behalf of investors who seek customized asset management solutions.

Uruguay 14

Bucharest, District 1



+40 372 269 999

+40 372 870 995


 Erste Asset Management GmbH

Erste Asset Management coordinates and is responsible for all asset management activities within Erste Group. Furthermore the company manages investment funds, provides investment advisory services as well as the management of portfolios for individual clients.

Am Belvedere 1, A-1100 Vienna, Austria

+43 (0)5 0100 19881, +43 (0)5 0100 9 19881




ERSTE-SPARINVEST is the largest and oldest company within Erste Asset Management GmbH. The Austrian Control Bank (OeKB) revealed a fund volume of 32.36 billion Euros (30.06.2017) for the 1965-founded company. 

With a market share of approx. 19.02%, ERSTE-SPARINVEST is the largest investment company in Austria. The fund volume is divided into roughly 15.81 billion Euros in special funds and institutional funds, and 16.55 billion Euros in mutual funds.

Am Belvedere 1, A-1100 Vienna, Austria

+43 (0)5 0100 19881, +43 (0)5 0100 9 19881



 ERSTE Immobilien KAG m.b.H.

Founded in 2007, ERSTE Immobilien KAG stands for the development, issuing and management of solid and profitable real estate investments.


Am Belvedere 1, A-1100 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 (0)5 0100 27557


 Erste Asset Management d.o.o

The investment fund company Erste Asset Management d.o.o, headquartered in Zagreb, was founded in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Erste Asset Management.
Erste Asset Management d.o.o offers a total of five UCITS investment funds – including money market funds, bond funds and one equity fund. Erste Asset Management d.o.o also offers two alternative Private Placement Funds.


Ivana Lučića 2a

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

+385 (0)72 37 2900

+385 (0)72 37 2901


 Erste Asset Management GmbH, Czech Republic Branch

In the Czech Republic Erste Asset Management GmbH (EAM) is represented by a branch office based in Prague. Until 18.11.2015 EAM was represented by its 100-percent subsidiary Investiční Společnost České Spořitelny (ISCS). ISCS was founded in 1991 and is since 2009 a member of Erste Asset Management. With more than 7.8 billion Euros under management (as of 30 June 2015), the Czech branch is one of the largest investment companies in the Czech Republic.


Erste Asset Management GmbH, Czech Republic Branch offers a wide range of open-end mutual funds and discretionary portfolio management with different investment strategies – money market funds, bond funds, balanced funds and funds of funds. The branch provides investment capabilities across all major asset classes for private clients and institutional investors including fund advisory services.


Budějovická 1518/13a (Trainon Building), 140 00 Praha 4

Czech Republic

Tel: +420 956 786 111


 Erste Asset Management Deutschland GmbH

Erste Asset Management Deutschland GmbH (EAM), based in Vaterstetten near Munich, was founded in 2007 as ERSTE-SPARINVEST Deutschland GmbH and converted into EAM in 2012.

The spectrum of the business includes the sale of mutual funds (more than 30 ESPA funds are authorized for sale in Germany) and the company also acts as an intermediary for investment solutions offered to institutional investors. The focus in Germany is clearly aligned to its core competencies Fixed Income Management, Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets, Asset Allocation as well as Sustainable Investments. " Its target group are all types of institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds or fund-of-fund managers or consulters.


Zugspitzstraße 2a

D-85591 Vaterstetten



+49 (0)81 06 21016 0

+49 (0)81 06 21016 20


 Erste Asset Management Limited

Erste Fund Management was founded in 1993 and renamed Erste Asset Management Ltd in 2012.

Erste Asset Management Ltd primarily operates in the fields of fund and portfolio management and also addresses private and institutional investors. The market share ranking for the company with regard to Hungarian Investment funds puts it in third place overall.

The core competencies of Erste Asset Management Ltd are Hungarian securities, CEE-equities and real estate investments. The Fixed-Income and Equity-Investment-Team has deep market knowledge and extensive experience. The real estate fund of Erste Asset Management Limited (Erste Open Ended Real Estate Fund) displays a very stable and well above average performance, and has grown to become the largest Hungarian real estate fund.


Népfürdő utca 24-26

1138 Budapest



+36 (0)61 235 5893

+36 (0)61 235 5889


 Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol., a. s.

Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol., a.s. (AM SLSP) was founded in 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Erste Asset Management Inc. AM SLSP confirmed its position as a leading provider of open-ended investment funds in the Slovak market.

AM SLSP manages investment funds and individual portfolios. It provides SPORO and ESPA funds with different investment strategies – money market products, balanced funds, equity funds, funds of funds, property funds and portfolio management. AM SLSP distributes its products and  ESPA funds via the Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.  branch network.


Tomášikova 48

832 65 Bratislava

Slovak Republic


+421 (0)2 4862 9600

+421 (0)2 4862 7020