Erste Asset Management GmbH (Erste AM) coordinates and is responsible for all asset management activities within Erste Group.

With more than 300 employees who manage approximately 58.7 billion Euros in seven European countries, Erste Asset Management is a lean organization that is characterized by efficiency and dynamics. Its flat hierarchies allow employees a lot of leeway for their own initiative and room to grow..


Thanks to its offices in eight CEE countries and product distribution in ten European countries, Erste Asset Management is the ideal platform for cross-border operation. This international focus is reflected in the staff structure: There are people from 18 different countries working at the company.


Erste Asset Management maintains a culture of personal and direct communication where feedback plays an important role. Appraisals are more than just a formality and provide valuable information that forms the basis for rapid realisable success and long-term career planning. Its employees take part in continuous professional development within the framework of external and internal training programs provided by Erste Asset Management.