Awards 2013

Erste Asset Management Group:
At the 25th Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland the entire Erste Asset Management group stood in the limelight as it won the category of Best Fixed Income Fund Management (“Bond Small”) of the past three years.

2013 was the thirteenth year of the Austrian Umbrella Fund Award, sponsored by GELD Magazine. Three funds of Erste Asset Management, among them ERSTE RESPONSIBLE MICROFINANCE, emerged as winners in their respective investment categories. A total of further six second and third places underline EAM’s investment success at the Austrian Umbrella Fund Award.

Czech Republic:
At the Investment of the Year 2013 Awards, the ESPA BOND-EUROPE HIGH YIELD was elected best progressive bond fund of 2013. The awards are organized by Fincentrum, one of Czech Republic’s biggest financial advisor, in cooperation with the Forbes magazine.

The investment funds ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (former BCR Obligaţiuni) and ERSTE Equity Romania (former BCR Expert) were awarded in the “bond funds” respectively “equity funds” categories at the Mutual Funds Gala, organized by Finmedia in March 2013.
For the 4th consecutive year, Erste Asset Management Romania was awarded for its “Performance in fund management” at the Piata Fianciara Awards Gala, an event organized by the Finmedia company in December 2013.

The Slovakian EAM subsidiary AMSLSP won three out of nine categories of TOP FOND SLOVAKIA 2013. These awards are sponsored by ECOPRESS (publisher of the business newspaper Hospodářské noviny) and SASS (Association of Slovakian Investment Fund Companies).
AMSLSP came in top in terms of sales turnover in money market funds and near-money market funds for SPORO Privátny fond peňažného trhu and in fixed income funds for SPORO Eurový dlhopisový fond. SPORO Privátny fond peňažného trhu was awarded as fund with the best risk/return ratio in the category “Money Market and Near-Money Market Funds”.