2010 and before


At the “Morningstar Best Fund House 2010” Awards, ERSTE-SPARINVEST is placed amongst the top major bond houses in Germany.


Ringturm's RT Active Global Trend leads to success: the fund is the winner of the Austrian Fund of Funds Award in the "Mixed Fund of Funds (asset management, dynamic, 5-year period)" category.


Czech Republic: The ISČS SPOROTREND of ISČS wins the prize at the Zlatá Koruna competition in the “Best Open-Ended Investment Funds” category. This is a contest in which financial products are placed under evaluation and all evaluations are made by professionals from the education provider “Czech Financial Academy.”


The Czech Capital Market Association (AKAT ČR) awards the ISČS – TOP STOCKS Fund with the best performance of the year for investment funds.


In Romania, SAI Asset Management wins the “Best Performance in Asset Management” category in the fifteenth edition of the Piata Financiara Gala Awards.


Slovakia: Slovenská Sporiteľňa SPORO Euro Plus Fund is awarded the “Top Fund Slovakia 2010” as the best-seller of money market funds.



Ringturm's RT Active Global Trend was awarded  for the "Equity Fund of Funds: conservative 1-year period" category of the Austrian Fund of Funds Award. The fund also wins in the "Equity Fund of Funds: conservative, 3-year period" category. Ringturm's third success in 2009 is also attributable to RT Active Global Trend, namely in the "Equity Fund of Funds: conservative, 5-year period" category.


ČS FONDY ŽIVOTNĺHO CYKLU Funds of the Czech EAM-subsidiary ISČS was awarded in the “Best Investment Funds” category at the Czech Zlatá Koruna contest.

ISCS SPOROTREND Funds acquired a prize in the “Best Equity Fund with a Focus on Emerging Markets” category at the Lipper Fund Awards.


Romania: The U.S. research and consulting provider Frost & Sullivan awarded SAI ERSTE Asset Management with the “Romanian Asset Management Market Share Leadership” award in the context of the “Best Practices Awards 2009” Gala.


SPORO Euro Plus Fund of Slovenská Sporiteľňa was awarded in the Slovak Zlatá Minca (“Golden Coin”) competition. With its SPORO Bond Fund, the company also wins the “Top Fund Slovakia 2009” award for the Fund with the best risk/performance ratio in the category of bond funds. The prestigious prize is awarded by the Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies.



Romania: ERSTE Bond Flexible RON (former BCR OBLIGATIUNI) Funds of SAI Erste Asset Management wins first place at the best capital market performance awards ceremony through the “Piata Financiara” magazine,.



ERSTE-SPARINVEST is awarded the Trigos Sustainability Award for their collaboration with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). Via the Fund Europe Awards of the “Investment & Pensions Europe” magazine, this collaboration is named “Program of the Year”.


The international rating agency, Lipper, characterises ERSTE-SPARINVEST as the “best large fund company across all asset classes”.


At the “Zlatá Minca” contest, Slovenská Sporiteľňa wins a prize for its SPORO Bond Fund and for its SPORO Euro Plus Fund.


The renowned consulting agency Prof. Homburg & Partner appoints ERSTE-SPARINVEST to “Top Asset Managers in Germany”.



Morningstar chooses ERSTE-SPARINVEST as the best European pension fund company.


Czech Republic: The ISČS SPOROTREND fund receives second place in the Zlatá Koruna awards for the “best open-ended investment funds”.


Slovenská Sporiteľňa SPORO Bond Fund was awarded in the Slovak “Zlatá Minca” contest. In the same competition, Slovenská Sporiteľňa SPORO Euro Plus Fund was awarded.



SPOROINVEST, an open-ended fund of the Czech EAM-subsidiary ISČS wins a prize for the “best open-ended investment funds” in the Zlatá Koruna competition.


Slovakia: Slovenská Sporiteľňa SPORO Euro Plus Fund wins a prize in the Zlatá Minca competition.



Morningstar rated ERSTE-SPARINVEST as the "best pension fund company in Germany" category.



The rating agency, Standard & Poor names ERSTE-SPARINVEST as “Fund Company of the Year” in Austria and Germany.